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Sugar Alert: Wendy’s Chili


How many times have I driven through Wendy’s and ordered a small chili for a buck and felt like I was making a healthy choice?  Too many to count.  In fact, I did this today.

Since I didn’t have time to eat my healthy Wendy’s chili right then, I dashed out the door and came back later.  As I walked by the chili, still in the kitchen, I opened it, grabbed a spoon and took a quick bite.  And the very first sensation I got was:  sweetness. 

Don’t take it from me, just look on the Wendy’s website.  In the nutrition facts for a small chili, sugar or corn syrup is listed no less than five times.

Sometimes it pays to have a sweetness radar.  I expect to find plenty of sugar in a Frosty, but not in their marketed-as-healthy chili.

Will I still grab a Wendy’s chili now and then?  Maybe (in a pinch) or maybe not, in the interest of the principle of the thing.  But I will definitely still pass the word about hidden sugar, and possibly contact Wendy’s and ask them to clean up this act just a bit.