Monthly Archives: October 2011

Breakfast for Dinner


We love having breakfast for dinner around here but most of the time that consists of fried eggs, bacon, and pancakes with syrup.  Obviously (for many reasons) that doesn’t happen any more but I think last night I found my solution!

I was searching around online and came across this recipe for “pancakes”.  I had pumpkin as well and wanted to tweak it a bit so I came up with this:

  • Two bananas, mashed w/
  • Equal parts pureed pumpkin
  • Five T. of almond butter (or a little less, whatever your preference)
  • Tsp. of vanilla
  • 2-3 eggs
  • cinnamon

Heat a skillet to medium low.  Mix all ingredients together and then spoon onto the greased skillet.  They are very delicate so don’t try to flip the pancakes until one side is cooked.  Add a little melted butter (or not) and enjoy.

The picture above really doesn’t do the pancake justice. It was sweet and light, and my non-healthy eaters ate them as well.  I think next time I may try grated apple with cinnamon.

Happy Eating!